Site Rehabilitation Program


Our goal is to work in close partnership with the Government of Alberta to achieve cost savings and improved management and oversight of the closure and decommissioning process for wells in the province.  Furthermore, LSE intends to provide a comprehensive and holistic solution for reclamation and remediation processes and services.

This proposal reduces the burden on the already hard-hit energy and production companies by collectively managing much of the closure, reclamation and remediation activities within a single organization.  This will reduce costs, improve coordination and ensure that the most important closures are carried out first.

Other benefits to our citizens include increased safety, as we will use state of the art computer simulation technology to examine the risks to citizens and landowners and create a prioritized list for well closures.  Similarly, we will use advanced data visualization and analytics to provide a secure information dashboard to provide close to real-time information for GOA decision-makers and other stakeholders. 

Operational Management

Use of the strategic planning resulting are developed into a detailed operational plan.  This plan is then integrated into schedule and process for closure, reclamation and remediation of the targeted wells, facilities and pipelines. 

Cost & Financial Management

LSE and the management team will be using their own software as well as any third-party software as needed to aid in the planning, tracking and reporting of costs.  One of the main themes here is the accountability and reporting on a regular basis to align operational deployments with costs.  

Environmental Management

LSE will include environmental consultants as professionals in managing the environmental reclamation and remediation process.  Environmental regulatory requirements will be included throughout the entire process to ensure results from the work adhere to and meet appropriate environmental approval or sign-off requirements.

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