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Our Logistics Management System

LSE takes pride in introducing the first and only comprehensive logistics management solutions and software in Alberta. We go beyond providing individual solutions for digitization, transportation, and dispatch.

Our logistics management system encompasses all services in one operating system and has been proven effective and provides irrefutable value to all projects we’ve handled. Our understanding of how to optimize information from field data and turn it into usable data for multiple departments and vendors is a special niche that only LSE can provide you.

Quality Data You Can Compare

  • Compare your tracked data vs actuals at the click of a button
  • Real time tracking with the ability to view vetted data and unvetted data
  • Set your own reporting schedule - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Plug in your own parameters and want to track

Provide Deliverables and Presentations

  • Our platform displays quality data to meet your targets
  • Transform your business operations with simplified visual presentations
  • Never go to a meeting empty handed again
  • Real time analysis of simplified real time data
  • Evolve your business operations with the ability to solve critical business challenges
  • Visual historical data provides a clear strategy for a healthy business

Simplify Budget Tracking and Accruals

  • Manage your budget with daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly accrual estimates
  • Keep a strong balance sheet by understanding where your business is underperforming
  • Clear accrual data collection to help you strategize effectively

Office Address

  • 8601 99 Street
    Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0

Mailing Address

  • PO BOX 23189
    Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7G7

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