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Logistics Solutions Energy (LSE) integrates proven technologies and expertise with seamless job planning and execution to maximize efficiency and improve reliability and economics of your well abandonment operations.

Site Rehabilitation Program – Turnkey Abandonment and Reclamation Solutions 

  • Comprehensive operational solution to manage all aspects of the Well Remediation and Reclamation requirements
  • Well site remediation activity management including observation and oversight, subcontracting, work management
  • Logistics and operational planning and management
  • Risk Simulation and Risk Mitigation process that will identify and allow for the prioritization of target well sets
  • Comprehensive and integrated project tracking process and methodology, including cost tracking, reporting, data visualization, collaboration with stakeholders
  • Utilization of the appropriate technologies to aid in the facilitation and management of the above processes.

Software – Modular Design: Only License What You Need

Digital Solutions and Data Analytics

Web Based

  • Real time connectivity to mobile
  • Real time truck view
  • Dashboards
  • Exportable reports and presentation
  • Connectivity to open invoice and quick books


  • The in cab solution
  • Real time back to office connectivity
  • Geo-tracked
  • Easy to read maps

Support Desk – Noteworthy Controllers At Your Fingertips

  • Professionals immersed in the industry who understand your current needs
  • Billing, accounting, accruals and budget support
  • Live routing of all equipment and people
  • Training, assistance and support
  • Technical support for LSE applications
  • Forecast analysis, professional reporting and deliverables

Stakeholder Engagement. – Show Transparent Appreciation

  • Managing positive relationships with your stakeholders by meeting expectations and prioritizing needs
  • Defining each stakeholders interest and impact of the project outcome
  • Regulate and trasparentize the objective, budget, schedule, constraints, sponsorship and assumptions
  • Mapping proactive communication from one stakeholder to another as well as communication as a whole

Health, Safety and Environmental Responsibility – Staying Above Standards

  • Active health and safety management by planning for safety with leadership and commitment
  • Engaging worker due diligence
  • Define and implement action plans, documents, processes. methods and tools to prevent limit HSE risk/impacts
  • Support all organization - engineering, procurement, supplies
  • Strengthen current HSE network
  • Assessment of environmental risk, manage current risk and carbon footprint
  • Communicate emerging technical and regulatory issues and best practices
  • Alert relative people to mitigate risk beyond health, safety and environmental basics - Operational, business interruption, reputational, legal and financial

Procurement and Supply Chain – Infrastructure To Get The Goods

  • Current with industry needs/trends
  • Access to disposal nomination in high value areas
  • Waste management
  • Market access
  • Streamline your process for better success
  • Disposal/terminal relationships
  • Share of information - balancing, reconciling

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