Drilling, Completion and Production Management

Timelines and planning are important parts of the process to ensure operational plans and accountability targets are met.  Collaboration with all stakeholders is also important to ensure mandates related to all related programs are considered and incorporated into the planning, prioritization and accountability.  Our comprehensive approach using technology with a focus on costs controls, accountability and management will produce very good results, including reduced costs, increased awareness, transparency, reduced risk to the citizens of Alberta.

Exploration and Production

With the rising costs in operations, oil and gas companies are facing a challenge in utilizing new technology to enhance production. Our predictive analysis solutions focus on seamlessly integrating and analyzing operational data for proactive decision making.

Planning & Strategy

Make smart business decisions backed by factual data. LSE helps clients address issues around production costs through strategic job planning focusing on improving performance using big data.

Sales & Marketing

Our logistics management solutions are designed to help businesses gain a better hold on factors impacting sales and profitability. We help clients develop and implement data-driven sales and marketing strategies.

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