We are Logistics Solutions Energy.

Logistics Solutions Energy (LSE) is a dynamic logistics company with a drive for tackling goals and achieving success. We provide data-driven solutions that optimize and coordinate processes, overcome obstacles and effective troubleshooting.

Our turnkey approach is simple. LSE prides itself on making projects as efficient as possible. Our strategic partnerships make it easy to coordinate field movements, maintain cost savings, and keep your team under budget.

Let’s embrace big data, technical know-how and analytics to provide a clear, streamlined vision.

Smart Business Decisions Based on Data

LSE brings oil and gas businesses the ability to lead with data and knowledge.

With our 23+ years operation experience and 10+ years data analytics experience, we bring visibility and optimization to areas of operations that were relying on out of date technology and low standards for communication and accountability.  

Our ability to plan, execute and provide logistics solutions was beyond anyone else in our industry. The positive changes we were able to make, and the irrefutable value it brings to all projects, were rippling not only through local vendors but through worldwide players as well.

Setting a new standard in the industry.

We analyze and gather data and turn it into factual direction within the oil and gas industry. Our love for knowledge sharing and personal growth has motivated our team to uphold a new standard within the industry.

Transparency and visibility are bringing clarity to questions people didn’t know how to ask.

oil and gas logistics management

Our Mission

Our mission is to modernize and digitize movements in the oil and gas industry.

Our Customers

Our software provides effective logistics solutions for oil companies, waste and disposal companies, and vendors that supply services to either. Our solutions make it easier for our customers to acquire a high-level view of what they would struggle to see on their own.

LSE helps communicate and collaborate with all parties to ensure that projects stay on budget. We help our clients ensure that there is transparent value provided for each party and all agreements are withheld.

Through our logistics management solutions, we help simplify and reduce overhead costs in the logistics process especially for small players.

Oil and gas logistics

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