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Logistics Solutions Energy (LSE) is a Canadian indigenous-owned company providing integrated and comprehensive operations solutions for well closure, remediation and reclamation activities. LSE is composed of seasoned professionals in their respective fields, with direct and proven experience in risk simulation and assessment, facilities and completions engineering, project and construction management, environmental and regulatory management, and operations & logistics.

We Know Your Industry.

About us

We are Logistic Solutions Energy,
proudly 100% indigenous owned.

With 50+ years of combined experience, we bring visibility and optimization areas relying on out of date technology and low standards for communication and accountability.  

Our turnkey approach to your logistic solutions comes with exclusive pricing for disposal, terminal fees, processing and transportation. Our solutions are tracked live in our digitization system for added visibility. With the strategic locations of our partners, there are multiple cost-effective options to keep your team under budget. Our program is so simple, you don’t have to manage it. Let our flexible service solutions enhance your operations. 

Operational solutions to manage all aspects of Well Remediation and Reclamation process, Drilling, Completion and Production

Activity management including observation and oversight, subcontracting, work management, logistics and operational planning

Comprehensive and integrated project tracking process and methodology, including cost tracking, reporting, data visualization, collaboration with stakeholders, etc.

Environmental impact assessments and remediation requirements as per sustainability and reclamation requirements.


We will book a 1-on-1 meeting or video conference to discuss your turnkey solutions!

Lionel Robins

Courtenay Pearce

Toby Bush
Indigenous Relations Director

Liz Whalen
HSE Manager

Why Choose LSE?

50+ Years of Proven Experience

LSE is made of professional personnel who have optimized operations in the oil and gas industry, saving millions of dollars for partners annually.

Office and Support Local To Alberta

Rest assured that we are not only experienced in The industry, but in Your industry local to Grande Prairie, Edmonton and Calgary, and throughout Alberta.

100% Indigenously Owned

LSE is is a proud member of CCAB, sits around the IRC round table and is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta.


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